Inspired by Jean Baudrillard’s essay on the hologram in Simulacra & Simulation, HOLOGRAMS explores the notion of the double in reference to photographic representations of the self and the video image. Through translation into an image, the protagonist is able to multiply and to interact with her own likeness across temporal planes.

HOLOGRAMS was also presented as a site specific performance that occurred at Oxbow School of Art, MI in the Summer of 2012 as part of the performance workshop Material Bodies in Time and Place taught by Bryan Sayner and Ginger Krebs.

The performance featured a coliseum of rearranged antique books from the Oxbow ‘Library’, two slide projectors, and multiple digital photo frames. A reconstructed version of Jean Baudrillard’s essay on holograms from his book Simulacra and Simulation was inserted into various books and read aloud while progressing through a maze of texts and projections. Images posed as objects, books posed as building structures, words were spoken, recorded, and played back befuddled.