The series Model Home looks at the practice of staging “model” or “show” homes as a method for constructing representations of an idealized white (upper)middle class. Using Google Images as a virtual analog to the model home, the project mines a mass of product photography and advertising images to distill a “standard” domestic environment. 

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Keeping up Appearances is an installation applying white privacy film to the gallery windows in the shape of clipping masks from a set of the image search results. The absent image/objects reference the ways that financial or domestic stability and class status is presented through cultural signifiers, sometimes at the cost of actual quality of living. 

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ChicTraditionalSimpleClassicVintageCoolWhitePatternStandingCosyLeatherDecorativeCuteContemporary ____ for your Modern HomeOffice is a series of image/objects created from collaging Google Image search results.

The video Model Home takes the first 150 images of various search results to stage an idealized and ever evolving living room. Image/objects shuffle in random sequences matching and mismatching as a protagonist tries to maintain the space.

For the exhibition of Model Home at Roman Susan I produced a two-channel video installation and an artists' book to accompany the project. The publication captures the video installation script, research images, and digital collages. The book is 12 pages color laser on cardstock and 40 pages green and blue risograph on insulation pink and grout grey paper. PDF here.