Artifact / Artifice: The Repository (2012-2013)

Artifact / Artifice: The Repository is an audiovisual installation involving multiple screens, projections, sentimental objects, archeological imagery, and anthropological illustrations. The installation addresses notions of ‘artifact-ness’ and complex systems of value, using illustrations of artifacts from withdrawn library books as a point of departure. Toying with boundaries between object and image, through video-mediated performances the illustrations are revived and allowed to roam free and take back their agency. The Repository features a linear narrative that has been fractured into four parts played on monitors of various sizes, which are fitted into sculptural structures made from foam and hand sewn silk-screened felt.

In the center of the installation is an arrangement of objects that acts as both a museological display and an altar. Above the display are three box-like shelves inside of which three micro-projectors are hidden, projecting animated fragments of my body into selected objects (above).

To see a visual essay made in conjunction with the installation for the exhibition The Fifth Wall click here.